Wednesday, November 14, 2012

County Fair

I went to the county fair with Stephanie and Shelton this year. Actually, I went with Kass and watched Story dance. Then we looked around for awhile and found this amazing train display that Felix would not leave. During that part Kass went home and Stephanie and Shelton showed up and I went with them to the rides.  Kyle was driving home from work to meet us, but the traffic was so bad he never made it. Felix went on his first ride without Kyle and I still feel terrible about it. Especially since he loved it so much.
And of course he liked the second. He loves anything with a steering wheel.

That's Legend and Gray behind him.
Felix had so much fun I was so excited for the State Fair, which has to be better, right? No. It was a horrible waste of time and energy. From now on we're just doing county fairs.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Prego Dress

 I made this dress in black for our cruise and it seemed like it could be perfect for a pregnancy dress. So I made another out of a knit bed sheet I got at Goodwill. It's the most comfortable thing I own this pregnancy.
 Felix wanted to share his belly too.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Living at my Mom's

 We didn't take many other pictures while living at my mom's. We got these masks for Erik to wear so we wouldn't get his disease.  But he wouldn't. Felix loved them though.

 Felix also loved eating corn every night. I don't understand why he will eat so good over there and not at home.
 He also loved reading the comics every Sunday.
Felix loved living there. There was basically no adjustment. He was just super happy. But I think my mom was super happy when we moved and cleansed her family room of his enormous amounts of toys.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fort Hike

Kim's family took us on a hike while Keri was here. They said there was some fort at the end, which sounded kind of boring, but when we got there it was crazy cool.
And this rope swing under the fort was actually terrifyingly wonderful :)

Kyle carried Felix the whole time, which was impressive because the backpack was just not made for backs, at least not that we could figure out.
And Felix leaned back like this A LOT which only made it worse.
The waterfall was amazing, but Felix hated the volume of it so he just cried the entire time.

This is Felix signing help. I have no idea why though.

He was SOOO wasted on the way home.
Yet he still wouldn't fall asleep...what a surprise.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Kelli!

I couldn't think of anything I wanted to get or do for my birthday except going to the zoo (which Kyle is not a fan of) but since it was all I wanted he took the day off and went with me. Keri and her kids were going to come, but her kids have gotten too cool for it.
Felix was fairly unimpressed at the animals. He looked at them, but didn't smile or anything.

This was my favorite. Kyle mocked me for blocking kids and even ignoring my own child while I watched the polar bear in pure delight. It was so amazing. He would jump off the rocks, swim to the window, flip backwards and do it all again.

Felix was unimpressed (even with the polar bear) until we got to the tigers. I was so enthralled in his response I didn't even remember to take pictures of him. He was talking and laughing and pointing at the tiger and did not leave for a LONG time.
But don't worry. His disinterest returned as soon as we left the kitty.

That night my mom made me a better than birthday cake. It was delicious. Wendy and Kass joined us (though I'm pretty sure they were there for Keri, not me).

And the Sunday after Kyle's family celebrated my birthday with a peach cobbler.